Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!!

The parade was energetic as usual with an eclectic mix of hamlet vehicles and quads.

The first vehicle in every parade is always the fire truck with siren blaring. Our mayor Fred is on top in the ball cap.

The second vehicle is always one of the police vehicles with lights flashing. How does Jen of Nunavut always get in these photos. Got you first. :o)

Representing social services my wife Michele. She's driving and i think that is Eve waving out the passenger side window.
Every 1/2 ton is always full of kids. They almost make more noise than the fire truck siren.
I got them coming .......
..... and going.
Happy Birthday Canada!!

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jen said...

You should send the first shot of the parade through valley to the paper, it's great!