Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sea Lift '08

The first sea lift of the year is now in and unloading. Our food order and Michele's new vehicle for social services is on this ship.

This is the ship sitting in deeper water just outside Tellik Inlet by the tank farm. The barges are in the water about midship and the tugboats are along side the barges. The ship is called the Umiavut and it was looking a little beat up looking through the binoculars.
The center of the ship opening.
The center is now completely open and they are lowering a forklift down inside. The wooden crates like ours and some vehicles are stored below.
Here they are starting to strap a vehicle to be lifted off. We were sure at this time that is was the social services vehicle that Michele would be driving.
Starting to be lifted of the deck.
Flying through the air with the greatest of ease.
Safely being set on the barge. This process will be repeated hundreds of times over the next few days.
The first barge of the year now coming to shore. This one has most of the new vehicles for the hamlet, RCMP and private individuals.
The ramps have been put in place and the tricky process of driving the vehicles down begins.
Easy, easy, easy!!!
After an adventure that I will post about tomorrow Michele did get her new vehicle for social services. It is a 2007 Ford Explorer that is loaded and even has a sun roof. The sun roof should come in handy when it is -40C. :o)

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Anonymous said...

WOW thats super nice Momma.. Wish you could take me for a spin. Enjoy the heated seats.. hehehe