Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sea Crate & News

We got our crate of goodies which was delivered to our apartment. The crate has all our dry goods for the entire year in it. Cereal, pop, sugar, peanut butter, chips, flour, etc. everything except frozen goods. The crate was not supposed to be delivered too our apartment it was supposed to be put into temporary storage because we are in the process of purchasing a house. We should be in the house in the next couple of weeks. That is the news part of this blog.

This is the only picture I will get of the crate because if came apart on its way from the apartment to the warehouse. We lost a bit of stuff to damage but we came out okay. 1589kg or 2 1/2 tonnes in one crate with 2x2 framing on the end and in the middle and a thin metal strap on each end. That is what $1600 buys ya. The company we have used the last couple of years has been doing a poor job when it comes to getting the orders correct, shipping and overcharging. I think they even sent me drywall compound on this order. I didn't think a grocery store sold drywall compound. This year we will be taking an accurate inventory and making them come good for the screw ups.

This will be the last time because from now on we will be using a 20' sea can. Either we will have enough stuff to fill a sea can or we will share and split the cost with another couple up here. A sea can can be purchased for about $2800 used or rented for about $800 a year. They make a great little garage.

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Aida said...

oooo, cant wait for ours, its coming in september.