Sunday, July 20, 2008

Even More Pretty Flowers.

I guess I should have done this as Flowers III but hey the title as is will work. One of my favorite colors is purple and even though I never wear it, or put it on a wall, I do like it as a plant color. Right now the tundra is looking like a purple carpet. I did get the idea for the bottom picture from Jen of Nunavut. Can I call it creative license or something like that? I did use a different flower. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous sight!

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jen said...

lol such a stealer!! I think you would love a macro lens though, more lenses to add to the collection. :)

Matthew & Michele said...

When I'm south next time I'm going to look at a macro lens and a longer telephoto lens. This may happen when Michele is visiting family. shhhhhh.