Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Ice Part V - It's Back

Sorry but this post has a lot of photos. Be patient for them to load because it is worth it. Enjoy.

Here is a pic for scale. Michele and Wakta are about 10 meters (30 ft) in front of the Iceberg.

Wakta got about 5 meters (15 ft) to the same iceberg. Note that she is standing on a large rock.

Same Iceberg from a distant.There's DadAn abandoned anchor that was dragged here by the ice. I would have taken it to shore but the iceberg in the back ground was sitting on the chain.
We (not Dad) then all took a stupid pill and climbed up on a smaller iceberg that was just sitting in the water. A large piece of another iceberg broke lose and hit the water close to this one. When you hear an Inuk who has lived here all her life go "oh oh" with a slight tremble of terror you will be surprised how fast you can move. It is unlikely that we will do this for awhile. Pic taken from the same piece of ice we were standing on.

Tons and tons of ice just thrown around like Lego blocks. I could walk comfortably between these two pieces of ice.

We didn't go under the ice this time. Another giant piece of ice. I am going to let out my inner geek by saying this, but doesn't this look like the back of an Imperial Star Destroyer?

How did it get there and how is it balancing? Cool. A beautiful amphitheater.

Last but not least. Does this look like a jellyfish to you?


Anonymous said...

What a place to unwind after work

Anonymous said...

No, not a squid. It does look like a Portuguese Man O' War though.

Matthew & Michele said...

Thanks kiggavik.
That is what happens when a person does a post to late at night. That's why I stick to the engineering stuff and stay away from marine biology. :o)

(squid to jellyfish)

Anonymous said...

Like wow guys, thats so amazing. Wish i was there to see it with yahs.
Love the pic mom with you beside one of em... P.S. Nice jacket ;-P

Looken good Grampa hehehe
love yah all

Anonymous said...