Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Internet Connectivity Issue

It seems we are having a problem connecting to the Internet at home. It looks like we have a faulty modem but we will have to wait for the Internet guy (Mike) to come have a look.

Here is a quick explanation on how the Internet works here. Being an isolated community with no road, rail or wire connections to any other community we have to use satellites to connect with the "outside" world. So everyone who has Internet uses a wireless modem that can be used in any community in Nunavut that has a satellite hookup. Currently it seems ours is not working. Either Mike will get it working or provide us with a new one. We don't own the modem it comes with the subscription and we have to return it when we no longer require Internet.

This is very inconvenient to us because we use the Internet to communicate with a lot of friends and family south. Also most of our shopping for groceries, clothes and fun stuff is done on the Internet. We also use Internet phone so when friends and family in southern New Brunswick call they don't have to pay the long distant. We actually have a Moncton, NB phone number. We still have a local phone too.

So have patience everyone we will be back to blogging in no time.

We are back up and running again and postings will continue as normal tomorrow. Just a short black out period. It seems when our computer automatically updated it screwed up our connection. Anyhoo it's working again. Yaaa.

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Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, NB is having its own issues with phone, computer and satalite, flashing on and off gets to be a pain, keep up the good work