Thursday, July 3, 2008


I have been trying to do some bird photos but I'm not having much luck. If the bird is standing still I can do okay but when it's moving another story. I don't have a good telephoto lens which would make the attempts easier or I can learn to move slower and quieter. So a new lens may be the order of business next time I'm down south. Enjoy the photos below maybe in the future I'll have some good ones. If I take enough pictures eventually I'll get lucky.

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jen said...

It's probably not your lens. However I can't disagree with wanting a better crisper lens, I'm always drooling over some new lens lol. You should up your shutter speed to something faster to get flying shots. If your in low light you can also pump up your ISO to something like 1000 or 1600 to give you that extra bit of light to get the shutter speed up. However a higher ISO makes the photo slightly more grainy. If your taking a still shot of a bird, and your using a tripod, and it's still not working, try putting the camera on timer so your not touching it and giving it camera shake. Just remember the longer the lens is, the more light it needs to take a proper exposure.