Monday, July 28, 2008

Sealift day adventure

The adventure starts at home when Michele says "Lets go see the ship". So Michele and I get into the van and head out to the tank farm to watch the ship and take some pictures. While we were there more people showed and we all rolled down out window to talk to each other. This reminded me of when I first got my drivers licence and we would all meet on main street or at the railway station and sit in our vehicles. The van has power windows and Michele turned on the van so we could lower them. Unfortunately the key didn't get turned back off and this left the radio, CB, lights, etc. all on. After a about an hour or so we all decided to leave and when everyone else pulled out Michele tried the key and all we got was grrrrrr, click, click and a click. Lucky someone else came out and they went out to the garage to tell them of our predicament. One of the guys came with the booster cables and after a lot of ribbing we got on our way.

After that we headed down to the shore to watch the barge come in and see the vehicle that Michele was going to get. Steve asked her to drive the new Ford Explorer to the garage so they could put the stickers on it, CB and backup beeper. I got to drive the Van. We all got up to the garage without incident and I parked the van and got out. I am not supposed to be driving any hamlet vehicle because I am not employed with them. This was a special one time case and I had permission.

After some chit chat Michele got back in the drivers seat and a bunch of us piled in to go back to the beach. Michele put the van in reverse and hit the gas. We weren't going back that fast but them we heard a bang and the van shuttered a bit. Michele says "Must have drove over a stick." and hit the gas again. This time there was a bigger bang and the van came to a stop. At this time we all realized at the same time that there was a truck parked back there. I told Michele to pull ahead and that was when there was a lot of yelling and the van was just jerking ahead. Turns out the bumper of the van had hooked onto the trucks fender and we were dragging onto the road. Luckily the truck was already damaged on that side so all we did was bend the fender back out. It had already been banged in. It took some guys standing on the bumper and some of us lifting on the truck to get them apart.

No one was hurt and there was a lot of laughing and even more ribbing. In the end after some deliberation it was decided that Michele would still get the new Ford. The pictures from the incident are below.

Shows the minor damage to the van. The bumper is just pulled out a bit. The clean spot is where one of the guys was as we were trying to lift the truck off the bumper.

Most of the damage to the truck below was caused by someone else. It is the fender that Michele hooked the bumper of the van to bending it out as she dragged it.
The distance that Michele dragged the truck.


Anonymous said...

LMAO...I can't believe I did that!
Michele P

Anonymous said...

hehehe, and you are driving my car in NB??????????not!!!!!
lol Michele!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG THats just to funny.
Im over here laughing my ass off.
P.S. I can drive for yah.. No worries I wont take any bumpers off and drag a vechicle behind us. I promise

Love Rachelle