Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I normally don’t participate in these but Jen of Nunavut has tagged me in a blog chain and just this once I am going to do it. This involves asking your better half to say three things they know about you and put them on your blog. Then put some letters at the bottom that seem to represent the noise that is made when you stick your tongue out and blow air. Here goes.

Matt: Michele…..Michele……MICHELE!!!!!!
Michele: WHAT!!!
Matt: Where are ya?
Michele: Downstairs.
Matt: What ya doin’?
Michele: I’m on the phone.
Matt: Oh…. Name three things that you know about me.
Michele: I said I’m on the phone!
Matt: Who you talkin’ to?


Luckily we have multiple phones in the house. So figuring that she just can’t hear me very good, since I’m upstairs and she is downstairs, I decide to pick up the phone and ask her again.


Michele: Get off the phone Matt.
Matt: Name three......
Matt: JACKIE!!! Jackiejackiejackiejackie!!!
Jackie: *laughter*
Michele: Oh for heavens sakes.
Jackie: Whach ya up ta broder? (Translation: What are you doing brother?)
Matt: I need an answer to a question.
Michele: 1. You’re wearing a shirt. 2. You have eyes. 3. Your sitting on a chair.

(Matt: *to myself* Obviously she has already read Jens blog.)

Matt: (whining) Oh come on honey.
Jackie: What was the question?
Matt: Have your spouse say three things they know about you and post it on the blog.
Michele: Get off the phone Matt.
Jackie: Can a sis-in-law do it.
Matt: Don’t see why not some people seem to change the rules to suit them.
Jackie: mmmmmm 1. You’re my favourite broder-in-law. 2. You live in Canada. 3. You are married to my sista.
Matt: Tanks Jackie.
Michele: Now get off the phone Matt.
Matt: Love you Michele.
Michele: Love you too dear.

Well there your go and I know fairly shocking information. I don’t have anyone to tag because either they are gone for the summer, on holidays or have already been tagged so this ends with me. Sorry and the letters at the bottom says it all.


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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

hehehe this tag has turned out pretty funny on everyones blog!